December 7th 2006

Chez Jessie has visitors

My human had visitors in December - her former work colleague, Alex and Alex’s lovely fiance, Karla, and Karla’s wonderful sister, Claudia came to the cave one night and grilled really nice smelling steak and sausages. I didn’t mind that the steak was just a little burnt; it tasted good anyway.

They came in a big metal bird in the sky; I always take the big floating cave when I go back and forth between the islands.

They are touring around the Holiday Isle for 10 days and have already seen Maria Island, Freycinet and Bay of Fires; they are going to Cradle Mountain next then on to Bruny Island; they are going to Salamanca markets in Hobart before they go home to the North Island.

They stayed overnight in our cave and I gave up my sleeping den and comfortable bed. Mommy made me up a nice comfortable cot in the computer cave while she slept on the floor.

Mommy went with them to Trowunna Wildlife Park the next day; Karla and Claudia wanted to see Tasmanian Devils and they got to pet one.

Karla pets a Tasmanian Devil

Mommy came home smelling like all kinds of animals (like all the animals I would love to chase in our paddock if she’d let me but she won’t let me). Now I have my comfortable bed back but it was fun meeting Alex and Karla and Claudia.

Jessie with her new friends Thanks for the steaks Claudia!