February 1st 2008

Hail, Caesar

Introducing Caesar

07 was a terrible year at the end, with the untimely passing of both my mom’s dog as well as Jessie and 08 wasn’t looking to have a very perky start. But a fella by the name of Caesar won my heart in late 07.

He had been rescued from Death Row by a wonderful foster mum and was looking for a new ‘forever’ home. It wasn’t the most settled of starts to our new relationship as Caesar could sense the pain within my mom and me but right at the New Year, I settled him in his new home and vowed not to leave the property until Caesar looked to be getting some balance.

Within a week, one could see the eyes softening and Caesar began to respect and trust me more and more. He is doing well with basic commands, we walk every day, and in town once or twice a week. We have even enrolled in dog school (basic obedience training, mostly for me). Caesar does quite well when meeting other dogs; he can be quite a social butterfly!

And, of course, we are fast becoming best buddies. The C-dog is the typical loyal shepherd who follows me everywhere around the house and is ever watchful and alert when out and about.

Caesar loves to go in the car and is enjoying visiting my mom; we’ve been camping and even gone to meet a prospective girlfriend, although it would not be a relationship of the amorous kind. But it has really been wonderful to see Caesar the last couple of times we’ve come back, racing through the gate into ‘his’ garden, obviously happy to be home!