March 29th 2009

Another fun dog’s day out

Caesar hit the social scene again this Sunday, participating in a fund-raiser for Victorian bushfire dog families. Caesar’s dog club, the Tasmanian Dog Training Club, held this event-filled day in lieu of training classes.

Caesar participated in some games and won prizes in the hat competition and musical chairs, umm, mats.

Roamin Gladiator

Caesar struck a handsome pose with his Roamin’ Gladiator hat and sword.

Heel Caesar

The Club raised just on $1000 for the relief fund. Way to go, Tas Dog!

Photos provided by Sean Boatwright.

March 22nd 2009

Bad Beehaviour wins prize

Caesar had a great dogs day out at Paws at Mole Creek today. Dozens of dogs from all over Meander Valley and beyond came along for a fun day of games, food and socialisation.  The Mole Creek Progress Association is keen to promote tourism in their part of Tasmania and encourage everyone, four-pawed and two-pawed alike, to paws/pause at Mole Creek.

There were several events to enter including a photo competition.  Seeing as I had recently created a Honey Monster, a snap of Caesar during one of his increasingly routine kitchen patrols depicted the worst in doggie behaviour.  This photo won a gift voucher to Loones Rural Services.

Bad Beehaviour

Check out Paws at Mole Creek for a look at other fun stuff on the day.