August 26th 2009

Frosty Paws

Caesar in the snow

Took a little drive up the Lake Highway.  Started seeing the white fluffy stuff around the 900 metre mark.

Caesar was not terribly impressed.

August 22nd 2009

Caesar Tries Tracking

Caesar tracking

Caesar entered his first tracking trial this weekend, at Gretna in the south of Tasmania.

Although he has been doing well during practice tracks, nerves got the better of his handler who is still rather inept at reading Caesar, especially around turns.  A very windy day proved challenging as well on the Track 1 test and we drifted enough off the track to be called out.

We got to finish though, with redirection, so Caesar could find Gayle and get his reward.

Caesar had a real blast and was quite pleased with himself the rest of the day and had a really good sleep during the 3 hour ride home.

It was a very educational day, overall, and wish us luck in two weeks when we try again at Cressy, the last trial for the season here in Tassie.

Photos courtesy Sean Boatwright