January 24th 2007

Jessie’s Tale

Jessie started life in the Hunter Valley, NSW. She was with her first family for about 4 1/2 yrs before ending up in a foster-care network in Sydney.

In this age of technology, I found Jessie on the Internet, having decided I was finally ready for a companion of the furry kind and that adopting would give a second chance to one of the many fur-kids looking for a new home.

So begins the tail of Jessie. She has her moments of canine turpitude (with regard to kitchen garbage, hapless rabbits and ‘guardian’ duties) but, her attributes far outshine these and include: a high degree of intelligence, easily bribable with food, easily entertained and full of energy (although I’m not sure this last is always an attribute!)

Jessie in a moment of reflection

We are currently in the process of redefining Jessie’s job description through a method called ‘Amichien Bonding’. Some might think it is a violation of her workplace agreement to demote her to the role of Administrative Assistant while I assume my rightful role as CEO of our pack but once Jessie is relieved of her ‘leadership’ duties, I am in firm belief we shall both be satisfied with this pack restructure and that initial public outings will be less stressful. The process does not involve a reduction of pay or benefits nor any negative reinforcement, but rather, positive incentives for positive behaviour, all the way.

Lots of photo albums devoted to Jessie can be found in the Dogzone. Woof-Woof.

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