September 12th 2010

Caesar Earns Tracking Dog Title

Five days after his third chemo-therapy treatment, Caesar went out in very windy conditions and slogged through one of the boggier paddocks to pass his Track 3 and earn his Tracking Dog title.  Naturally, the big boy had to do it ‘his’ way and drift a bit at the beginning, as the wind pushed across the first leg.  He insisted on checking out a mound of vegetation before gradually following the scent which had gathered in one of the cow tracks and making a rather wide, loopy first turn.

Of course he then had to check out the tyres on the irrigation system as the wind had obviously pushed scent around.  Caesar finally came back on track and locked on to the article, even picking it up and carrying it for a few paces before dropping it to concentrate on motoring through the mud to find Liz under her tarp.

A very emotional handler and track layer enveloped the big fella in a group hug, as he seemed rather blasé about it all, wondering where his reward was.  Judge Trish had it and Caesar enjoyed a tasty treat.  Having missed the first article and going quite wide on the first turn dropped our rating but we still managed a ‘Good’. Caesar spent the rest of the afternoon, strutting proudly around base camp and hanging out with friends.

Caesar Track 3

Judge Trish, Associate Caesar, Jan and Tracklayer Liz

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