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December 26th 2007

Farewell to Ishtar

Ishtar07 has turned out be a horrid year for dogs in our family. My mom’s beautiful girl, Ishtar, was quietly put to forever sleep at home yesterday to end her suffering after a long illness.

Ishtar possessed a unique sensitivity, going back to early days when my Dad was ill and tethered to oxygen 24×7. Ishie would sit next to him for hours on end and was always the most careful around the myriad of cords and cables.

During the day 7th May 2001, Ishtar stood watch as Dad slipped away and, at the exact moment of his passing that evening, she let us know with a soft whimper, that it was time to call the doctor back.

Ishtar gave my mom 7 1/2 years of truly unconditional love, comfort and companionship.

She was truly special and is sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing her.

A toast to Ishtar, June 1998 - Christmas Day 2007.

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